I'm sure everyones heard the term "what lace" or "lace where" which often leaves some people wondering what the heck are they talking about. 

If you're reading this you're probably new to lace products or even considering trying it. We are excited to guide you on this journey.

Lace products allow you to achieve the look of a natural hairline by disguising your hair underneath the install, keeping your hair and edges protected!

With all of the trends and inspiration constantly evolving, we find consumers wanting to also keep up with the latest trends. Whether it be for a day or a few weeks, lace products allow you to be versatile with your look.

As women it is safe to say it’s a “thing” to be able to grow our hair healthy and long for years, but sometimes a little switch up is needed! With the help of lace products you can go from afro to a red blunt cut bob without damaging your hair.

Check this out, lace comes in many different shades and forms.

You must be wondering "how am I suppose to keep up", that's why were here to break it down for you and spill the tea sis.

Types of lace

As a Anora Collector you have the option of purchasing Swiss lace or HD lace depending on the product.

For example, Swiss lace is thicker and more durable while HD lace is more fine and fragile. This means that HD lace allows for a more “melted” look while Swiss lace is known to last much longer. Even though HD lace is a kind of Swiss lace.

So I know your thinking why would I get Swiss lace?

Well although HD lace gives you a sense of invisible lace it also comes with its own struggles.

Because HD lace is thinner it tends to have a much shorter wear time. Therefore, it needs to be replaced more frequently. 

So which one is “better”? It really is up to the preference of the user. Every lace has its perks so it is important to have knowledge on which would be best for you.  

Whats lace colour 

Swiss lace is available in two shades, transparent and medium brown. Transparent is more versatile of the two. It allows you to customize it to fit your shade. HD lace is very thin and can match no matter the skin tone. 

Whether you choose Medium Brown Lace, Transparent Lace, or our HD Lace is truly up to personal preference. 


 At The Anora Collection our Frontals come in 2 different dimensions: 13x6 and 13x4. This means that these items will cover the entire length of the front of your hairline. In addition it will also reach back towards the apex of the head either 4 inches or 6 inches. The depth of your Frontal depends on your preference and style of choice. If you are someone who prefers to have a very natural density install with a deep part, a 13x6 Frontal will work best as it will cover more of the head with a natural density leaving a large area for parting. However, if you are choosing to do a very thick install you may choose a 13x4 frontal as it will leave more space for you to attach more wefts for fullness and you will not have a need to part too far back. Remember, these items typically cover the entire front hairline which will allow you to be more creative when styling. Although they provide freedom frontals do require daily maintenance and upkeep. 

With all of the trends today ever Anora Collector should experience wearing a lace at least once. Why? So you can achieve looks that a traditional leave-out can't do.

Lace items are rare due to their high demand and low supply. This means, when the item you need is in stock – get it now! They rarely are marked down in pricing for this reason.

We can't wait to see your new look using our lace products. Remember to tag us in your future hair adventure.