Hair Care Tips

The best way to care for your raw extensions is to treat it as if it's your own hair. As crazy as that may sound that's actually the best way to get more out of your bundles. The less manipulation the better, as our raw hair is chemical free so its in it's most natural state. Although our hair can be bleached, dyed, straightened and teased doing so will shorten the life span.

Caring for our Raw Indian straight hair : It's pretty simple actually. Fill your sink or a clean basin with warm cool water, apply a moisture in rich shampoo. Use a wide tooth comb and gently comb from the tips to the weft to ensure the shampoo is spread evenly throughout. Rinse throughly before applying a moisture in rich conditioner/or leave in. Repeat the same steps above in clean water, once conditioner is spread through out you can rinse right away or let sit for about 5-10mins then rinse. For best results we recommend our raw hair to air-dry over night. You can then install or re-install style and style as you wish.

Caring for our Raw Indian wavy : Our Raw Indian wavy is secretly my obsession, as it gives you that growing out of your scalp look when left untamed. However caring for it will take a little elbow grease especially after a long week. Here are some tips on how to care you're Raw Indian wavy.

Step 1: You're going to want to detangle your hair, always use a wide tooth comb and section it off. Its always good to have a small spray bottle with equal parts leave in conditioner and water, if you don't have leave in conditioner that's fine just water will work as well. Side note: Don't be lazy with this step if you want best results in the end.

Step 2: Make sure the sections are completely wet and combed through before going to step 3.

Step 3: Use your steady Denman Brush to brush through starting from the tips working your way to the weft. Now you'll need to be able to “flick your wrist” haha. Just kidding. While you're brushing through, you will notice the waves start to form. You should have no friction with this step if and only if you weren't lazy with step 1. You may also apply hair serum, keep in mind less is more. We only recommend curl cream when dealing with heavily textured hair like Raw Indian Curly (coming soon). All other curly textures don't need curl cream as its very heavy to the hair. Less is more.

Step 4: Use a cotton T-shirt or a towel, to scrunch each section. The scrunching step helps to put the wave form in place and to stop the hair from dripping water.

Step 5: This step most people don't think about. Now with your hair still in sections, use a blowdryer with a diffuser head to dry the hair until it is at least 60% dry. The diffuser head helps to prevent frizz. Thank me later.

Step 6: LEAVE THE WAVES ALONE. This is most difficult step. While your waves are drying, you never want to touch or run your fingers through it. Just let it air dry.

You can repeat these steps every other day, however for me once a works as well. Always keep in mind after adding product(s) to your extensions for best performance its always good to give it a wash as explained in our "Caring for Raw Indian straight". This helps to per-long the life of the extensions while keeping it fresh. Hope this was helpful.